C2 Online is a content-rich curriculum that provides:

  • 144 lessons
  • 144 movie clips from 24 hit movies
  • 144 Peer Chat Questions
  • 144 Briefings that allow the facilitator to prepare in a few minutes
  • 150 famous quotes with illustrations
  • Positive Psychology excercises
  • Hundreds of Briefing Keys that provide students with an outline of each Briefing
  • Detailed instructions on how C2 Online may be used while allowing maximum flexibility

Progressions and Timeframe for each C2 Lesson

Introduction: 10 seconds
Quotation: 20 seconds
Briefing: 3 minutes
Briefing Keys: (Students fill in the blanks during Briefing)
Movie Clip (3 minutes)
Peer Chat (3 minutes)

This brief timeframe is designed for

  • Infusion into core subjects;
  • Maximum flexibility for the teacher;
  • Optimized maintenance of students’ attention span; and
  • Allow expansion to 15-20 minutes if time is available.

Purchase Details:

The first license purchased is the administrator license and only one is purchased per organization. This license allows full access to analytics for the organization’s user licenses. A 1-year license is $535.

Each C2 facilitator in your organization needs a user license. User licenses for one year are $375.

Free 30-Day Introduction to C2 Online

The Liston Group offers a free 30-day use of C2 Online as an introduction. This allows you to examine C2 as if you had purchased the entire license. A school or organization may sign up as many facilitators as they anticipate licensing.

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